Why online?
Thus, the growth of Internet users among the elderly is much faster than that of the younger generation. Rapid developments in technology are forcing the elderly to use more and more Internet services. Those without Internet access not only have less access to information, but also have limited ability to purchase goods and services. Without online banking, it would be much more difficult to obtain a ticket with a seat on a fast train or bus, or tickets to a movie theater, theater, or musical. Finding a gift is not easy either. This is because physical stores are not as well-stocked as e-stores.
mobil a brýle na knize
Variety of offers
The Internet allows people to access and pay for a variety of services online from the comfort of their homes. It is easy to keep up-to-date on social, cultural, and sporting events, watch the news, and book a viewing of your favorite programs. Travel and tourism services will also be easier to access. The Internet not only provides older adults with entertainment, such as watching movies and videos, playing games, and listening to music, it also provides them with extensive knowledge about their hobbies and interests. However, seniors primarily use the Internet to search for information on everything from opening hours, surgery times, timetables, and popular discounts at supermarkets.
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Being at the center of the action
Some computer programs and mobile apps offer free services that even older adults can use. Free phone calls, messaging, e-mail, photo and video sharing, video calls, and chatting on social networks allow for an active social life. Seniors, who often feel lonely in retirement, have the opportunity to communicate daily with relatives and friends, no matter how far away they are.
Why learn something new?
Computers and smartphones allow people to learn digital skills. Newly acquired skills increase older adults\’ confidence. Working with a variety of information sources promotes critical thinking and provides a defense against misinformation and negative manipulation. Finally, it can also be fun.