When I hear the word motorcycle, I immediately think of my partner. I was 20 years old when I started dating him. I was still in college and it was the 90\’s. The 90\’s were really wild and I bet the 90\’s kids would say, “It used to be a lot looser and there was more action and stuff.” I can\’t tell you how much I looked forward to my partner finally getting his motorcycle license. Believe it or not, he\’d had a motorcycle since he was a 17-year-old boy whose parents gave him one as a gift. It was because he really wanted this bike. I don\’t understand how parents can buy a motorcycle, or even a car, for a kid who doesn\’t even have a driver\’s license yet. I would not have allowed it.

Také jsem jezdila na motorce.

Because I myself am too scared. I am afraid that my child would not be able to handle it and would end up driving a motorcycle or car without a license. When I told my parents about this, they were not very happy. Because they thought that my partner would drive without a license and I would just ride the bike with him. My partner loved motorcycles. He loved to tinker with motorcycles and my parents said that one day I would pay the price for it.

Motorky jsou prý pro rebely.

My parents were very worried that we might have an accident somewhere. Fortunately, that didn\’t happen because my partner honestly waited until he actually had his driver\’s license in hand. So he could drive his motorcycle. Apart from the fact that our relationship didn\’t last long, everything was really perfect. We broke up about a year after my partner got his license. Unfortunately, he was a little too macho and got another girlfriend. Apparently he simply liked the rebellious life, the bike, and needed a new girlfriend.