Liking fast driving and powerful machinery is a life affirmation and attitude, and a lifelong love. And this applies not only to men, but also to women who can playfully drive large powerful machines. Bikers are those who know how to live, regularly organize graceful rides and meet each other in a big way, and this includes both men and women. And 2 adherents and lovers of fast driving often gather, without even thinking, and 1 small and defenseless person slowly and surely enters their lives.

jízda ve dvou

Everything goes when you want

There are several solutions, but perhaps the least popular and the most extreme is to get rid of your pet – a fast machine. Another solution is a close friend who is willing to take care of his grandmother, grandfather, aunt, that is, the offspring. Or there is the 3rd solution – the education of the new biker generation, that is, another member of the group of supporters of fast driving.
silný stroj

How old do you start?

In the beginning, it will be just such a ride around the bike, groping, making a joint photo in memory, in this you will have to do until the child goes to kindergarten. It also depends on the character of the child, but someone simply does not inherit the love of a powerful machine and can not be forced. How they approach this is up to the parents. You can put the child on a motorcycle, provided that he has proper and safe equipment, and the manufacturer thinks of this, so there is an opportunity to go on all roads with a motorcycle with a sidecar, the so-called sidecar. And if in the child there is at least a little of this biker, he can try his own machines, from ordinary reflectors to small electric bikes. The first can be installed at the age of 4 years. On a really big machine, he can sit after 12 years while in the passenger position.