Today, the Internet is everywhere, and it is not uncommon to become addicted. This is especially true for children, the elderly, and adults who are out of work. Women on maternity leave are a very vulnerable group often exposed to the temptations of the online world. Recently, several statistics have shown that women on maternity leave have increased their dependence on the Internet and social networks.One wonders why.
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1.More free time

One day you are working in a team of 20, constantly talking, communicating and collaborating, and the next day you are suddenly alone at home Can you imagine being home alone with a baby who begs to nurse for long hours? There are several women who reach for their Internet-enabled smartphones and chat with someone for hours while breastfeeding. Unfortunately, mothers are often only able to read or surf the web at any given moment.

2.Lack of communication

The next point is related to the first. Women stay home with their children and suddenly have no one to talk to. Men, who are partners and fathers of children, often come home late from work, tired and not in the mood to talk. The wife often talks with the children or with the dog for days at most. Chatting with friends via messenger is very tempting.
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3.Social networks

Mothers with children of the same age, from the same town or village, or simply with the same interests, gather in social networks. They want to share everything about their children. While some women have a desire to share everything about their children, they do not find a loyal audience who enthusiastically admire her. Moreover, these mothers often become professional bloggers, sharing everything that is happening in their lives. Internet addiction has another aspect: it becomes a source of funding.

Can Internet addiction be prevented? First of all, it should be mentioned that before the phenomenon of Internet addiction, women on maternity leave were often addicted to alcohol. What is the good news? Maternity or parental leave is a big change for women, and unfortunately it can lead them in the wrong direction in life.