I always wanted a motorcycle. It didn\’t matter what kind. I wanted a bike that could take me on wild roads. A friend of mine had a similar experience. Like my friend, I wanted to have a motorcycle. I really liked it. I always wanted the wind in my hair. You know, wind in my hair. So I knew I wanted to get one someday. And as soon as I started working, I said I was going to work hard. I wanted to have a lot of money to buy a motorcycle. And I wanted to get that money as soon as I could.

Auta miluji hodně.

And worse, I wanted to buy leather clothes. Motorcycle clothes. I wanted fine leather biker clothes. Imagine. A heavy leather riders jacket. And red details. Totally car moto. I like the loud sound of cars and motorcycles. I love the sound of a car engine. So it\’s no wonder he visited the garage as soon as he got the bike. Fortunately, I was very lucky because that garage also did motorcycle inspections.

V servisu se nevyznám.

And it was cool that my friend had a car service. So we saved a lot of money. My friend gave me 30% off the repair bill. I was really happy about that. Now me and my friends are riding our bikes in the fields and on the road. It\’s a lot of fun. We are going to Italy this summer. And it\’s cool that my friend\’s boyfriend might ride with us. He has always had a motorcycle and says he knows the best roads to ride it on. I think that would be a really cool idea. I\’d love to explore some beautiful places where we could ride our bikes without endangering the environment.