Transportation and accommodation are often one of the top items in the entire holiday budget, but if you really want to save, you need to focus on the details as well.1 So, how to limit expenses and avoid unpleasant situations?
chorvatské vlajky
Do your research
Do you go to Croatia or Italy and carry groceries in your car for a week? It may not be a happy choice. Let\’s look at the prices of common goods and restaurants in certain places so that you do not miss out on local food and dishes unnecessarily. After all, they can be the same price as ours. Buying only in certain countries will save space in the suitcase and prevent the possibility of spoilage of the product during travel. If you are planning a vacation at a hotel without meals, whether it is overpriced, shouldn\’t you pay extra for half board or vice versa?
Take advantage of special offers
Follow local discounts and interesting offers, both at home and abroad. It can be a popular happy hour, a discount in the store or simply a convenient lunch menu. If you want to rent a car or take a ferry for a trip, check if the price is cheaper for some time or day.
Plan carefully
A well-planned route saves not only time but also money. Find out in advance if there are no closures or detours along the way so you can avoid them. This is associated with monitoring the current situation on the road with the help of special applications and radios. Whether you are driving your own car or renting a car at your destination, carefully plan all the trips and places you want to visit so that you don\’t have to drive to the other side of the island several times.
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Getting health Insurance
If you are traveling only a little over the border of our Republic, do you need to arrange travel insurance abroad? Stop playing with this idea and get insurance. This avoids the risk of high medical costs, which could amount to hundreds of thousands.